How to Create a Free NAT VPS on Woiden

How to Create a Free NAT VPS on

Posted on is a site that provides VPS NAT for free and you can use to learn Linux Servers, Host Telegram Bots, WhatsApp Bots, Python Scripts, Web Servers and browse using NAT VPS.

NAT VPS is a VPS that uses the NAT (Network Address Translation) method so that one IPv4 can be shared to many VPS and provides a different port for each user.

To be able to use a Free NAT VPS, the first thing you have to do is register an account on the site. To register a new account, you need a Telegram ID. How to get your Telegram ID? Here’s how.

How to Get Telegram ID

Open your Telegram and type in the search field @HaxTG_bot

How to get Telegram ID

Click START to start running the Bot and you will automatically get your Telegram ID.

Telegram ID

If your Telegram ID doesn’t appear, you can type the command /getid to check your Telegram ID.

Telegram ID to register at

You have successfully obtained your Telegram ID and copied your Telegram ID.

How to Register on

In order to get a free NAT VPS, you go to the site and select the Register menu. Then Paste the Telegram ID that you copied from the BOT and click the Submit button.

Register an account at

Then a verification code will be sent to your Telegram account.

VPS NAT account verification

Copy the verification code and paste it in the Verification Code field. Enter an easy-to-remember password to log in later and click the Submit button.

How to Create a Free NAT VPS

Your account is already active, you only need to click the LOGIN button.

login NAT VPS

Enter your Telegram ID and enter the password you created earlier. Check I’m not a robot and click the Submit button.

How to log into the account

Now you have successfully logged in and can create a free NAT VPS.

How to Make a Free NAT VPS

After successfully logging in, you click the button >create one here.

How to Make a Free NAT VPS on

You will go to the VPS NAT creation form page. Please fill in according to your needs.

  • Data Center : Select an available NAT VPS Location.
  • Operating System: Select the operating system that suits your needs.
  • Password : Create a password for the NAT VPS.
  • VPS destination: Choose according to your needs in using VPS. If for Web Server choose Web Server, if you want to use VPS for VPN then choose VPN Server and many others.
  • Check all options, then tick I’m not a robot and click the CREATE VPS button.

How to create a free VPS

Then you click the VPS Info button to check your VPS details whether it is active or not.

How to get a free VPS

The image shows that your VPS is active and to check the real time status of your VPS, you can click check real time status here.

How to Register a Free NAT VPS

The following image shows that the VPS is Online and you can login to the VPS using those IPv6 addresses.

Free VPS created successfully